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Ever Heard of Central Iowa Bloggers?

Update: December 2, 2011 - There were not many of us but those of usCIB Dec 2 2011 who gathered (about ten) were introduced to new ideas, new direction and some positive business.  I'm telling you kids...this stuff is good.  Thanks for coming by and sharing thoughts, fun and some great ideas!

There is an ebb and flow to all things, even informal gatherings of bright, independent thinkers who love to share information and friendship.  The status of Central Iowa Bloggers, that informal group of thinkers and friends, is at one of those crossroads.  Absent of a strong promoter the group, which meets on the first Friday of the month at Panera Bread on University in West Des Moines, has...ebbed.


I miss it...

But I'm not quite ready to stick a fork in CIB which started well over five years ago with Mike Sansone inviting a few of us out for an early morning chat about...stuff.  Mike was the most amazing connection point.  He made sure that everybody met everybody and engaged everybody in conversation.  Once he stepped out of the picture CIB sputtered along for a bit.  This month there isn't even a mention the Social Media Club of Des Moines email blast.CIB Logo

Not that I've been attending on a regular basis myself.  Last the last moment...a client called so it was work first.  But maybe, just maybe we might "get the band back together" and give this another run? 

If you're into learning, sharing and making friends let's get together THIS Friday morning to mingle a bit.  For those of you who have never beento CIB don't worry.  You will be comfortable and you'll enjoy yourself.  Bring your business cards and and open mind.  There is no formal agenda just lots of ideas.  Hope to see you somewhere and we run until about nine-thirty...ish.

See ya Friday...