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We all network.  It's really called talking but somebody thoughtMarva Mike Mingle Nov 2011 "networking" was a cool we network.  Networking is an amazing "word of mouth" method of marketing.  Early on Thursday morning the Urbandale Chamber held a "Monthly Morning Mingle" at In the Bag.  The event was sponsored by realtor Marva McCarty of RE/MAX who told us this information about the Des Moines Housing Market:


Meanwhile, for back up, here is the information the Des Moines Register had on the same topic. (Just so you know we're not making this stuff up.) Good news for the Metro and shocking for folks living in other parts of the country.

Later Mike Taylor of In the Bag spoke about his business and some rather new spin-offs.  One part is about appreciation marketing and the other was an introduction to Eagles Wings River Retreat


Not everybody talks politics or sports...from time to time folks gather to celebrate small business successes that go on despite what is happening in the rest of the world.  Networking, if you ask the questions, becomes a great learning tool.

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