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Losing Your Voice...

For years we have counseled business owners and politicians about theMan Question importance of their "voice" in describing Business Blogs, Twitter and Social Media in general.  When you take the time to communicate, in your voice, through a blog or Twitter consumers/voters become familiar with who you are, how you think and what to expect.

That's why it amazes me when companies/people "outsource" their voice and hire people to manage their Tweets or write their blog.  It's phony...and you lose creditability.  Yet, we see it all the time.  We railed on former Iowa Governor Chet Culver, in person and on-line and pleaded with him to communicate with his constituents directly. (He lost the election by the way.)  Now Governor Terry Branstad is doing the same thing...it's not his "voice" but his handler Tim Albrecht


We're so committed to this line of thinking that we've turned down business from perspective clients who have come to us asking that we manage their social media.  "No, we are not you.  You have to be real, you have to do the work."  People don't want to hear from a "hired gun" they want to hear from you.  What are YOUR thoughts?  What do YOU have to say?  What can we LEARN from YOU that will help us better know you...and who you are?  Sure, we'll teach you how and what and when...but you can't hire us to do your work.

Perhaps Ashton Kutcher can turn over his voice to a handler...we think it's silly...but OK.  But not you.  Not your business, not your future...not your voice.

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