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YouTube and You

It can be one of the biggest "time-sucks" on the planet.  And, it can be huge for your business if you use it correctly.  So, let's talk about three ways your business can get more out of YouTube.  Here is the video about using video...the text is below:


Have A Plan

Let's say you want to promote your customer service or you want to let folks know where your business is located or you want to highlight a new product or service.  Diverse items but each needs a plan.  Give yourself some time to think through how you'll shoot the video, what you want to say and what message you want to get across.  Write it down...then pick up the camera.

Keep It Simple & Short

We tell our clients that anything over four minutes is...way too long.  IF you can get that testimonial done in sixty seconds...try to make it forty-five.  We can often get caught in our own message.  The consumer doesn't want all of that...unless it's fun.  Besides LONG videos take FOREVER to upload.  You don't have time for that.

Make It Fun

Have a good time with your videos.  Smile, engage the viewer, be organic.  Introduce your customers to some of the folks that work with you, what they do...and why it's a great place to hang out for eight hours a day.

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I'm going to step out on a limb see I'm not a teacher (to borrow a Holiday Inn Express line) but I know some and had children inChildren Classroom 1 public schools.  That being said, I am concerned with the recent data released this week from the National Assessment Governing Board and reported in the Des Moines Register.

In a nutshell the report tells us that Iowa students, who twenty years ago ranked in the top national percentages in reading and math, have slipped to the "middle of the pack".  And, it's across the board, white kids, minority kids, rural, urban...  That's troubling and it should concern you.

I don't have an answer as to "what to do".  I'll leave that up to Jason Glass the Iowa Education Director.  However, as a "life long learner" who is fascinated with consumer trends let me offer up some marketing advice to all sides:

  • It Isn't Political - There are some folks who will latch on to this information and run to their partisan corner of the world pointing fingers at the other corner.  Stop it.  Consumers, the public, are sick and tired of that behavior.
  • Consumers Want Action - It doesn't matter if you're talking about telephone service or education.  Consumers do not understand how it is that hundreds of administrators, often without field experience, can tell the grunts how and what to do.  It ends in non-action and that is frustrating.
  • Be Simple - If you can explain "education reform" in thirty-seconds do this:  Film the answer and get it in front of as many people as possible.  We want answers.
  • Be Honest - Education doesn't have to be "fun" has to be "interesting" but if children spend six hours in an interesting classroom and go home to an "emotional wreck" with stressed a stressed out parent(s) it doesn't work.  There is a direct tie between economics and education.
  • Old Isn't Better, It's Different - It's not time to say, "When I was a kid..." it is time to look at how we use technology in the classroom and in the home.  When the folks that are writing the lesson plans don't understand how technology can it work for students?
  • Parents - When will somebody start a media campaign that looks into the camera and asks how much time you, as a parent, work with your kids...learning?  This isn't all the responsibility of "somebody else".  Seriously...if companies can spend millions selling a new beer to consumers can't we find a way to sell the idea of responsibility to parents?

I'm just a marketer, a guy who creates desire among consumers.  Maybe its' time to create a desire for learning.  More rules, more tests and more politics don't seem to work well...  Sorry for the just bothers me.

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