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We're Excited!!

Earlier today I received an email from a friend who wanted to show me the major advancements his company was making with social media.   It was tongue in cheek.  He knows we're greatly involved in SM so he wanted a reaction.  I read through the eight page memo that had come from their social media consultants.  It was all there.  They had words like "consumers", "viral", "Facebook", "Tweet" and on and on...

They also had words like, "The Social Media Team" and they forgot words like "YouTube".  It was a pretty good "first look" at social media but it won't get used...well.  How do I know?  Because the memo was part of a corporate conference call encouraging various divisions of the company to use social media.


It wasn't organic.  It was not full of passion...it was full of another word: "Marketing".  People don't want to be "marketed" to they want to be inside, have a conversation, enjoy the benefits of "membership".  They want to be heard not preached to.  Like I wrote back, "Looks like there is plenty of business for me well into the future."  And, yes...we included the first couple of seconds of the "set up" above.  A peek at the back story?

Oh, here is some "Yellow Gold" from Ohio....


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