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Steve Farber - Leaping to Help

The business of business hinges on so many things; willing consumers, a solid brand, selling something folks really want/need and...leadership to pull everything together.  That's where my friend Steve Farber comes in.

Steve made contact with me this weekend to help get the word out about his new project: The Radical Leap - Re-Energized: Doing What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do.  (I gotta talk to him about long book titles)  No sense in me talking about how he marries his project with education and teachers when he can do it himself.  Steve....


Thought you might like that.  Steve nails it when he talks about the education system, teachers and how, positive change can start right now in classrooms without having to wait for the gears to grind.  Looking forward to sharing this with my friends who wrestle with education issues...daily.

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