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What Is "Buying Local"?

Over the past few years you and I have watched as hundreds of localOpen Sign "Mom & Pop" businesses have shuttered their doors.  Because of the dense population in our Iowa Metro Areas you don't notice much.  However, take a drive into some to some of our rural communities and you realize the impact of failing to support local businesses.  Even the lumber used to board up the place comes from "Big Box".

But, Things Are Changing

There has always been an organization or two out there willing, for a fee, to promote "Buy Local".  However, at the same time they are taking "Mom & Pop" dues or dollars they are also taking money from "Big Box".  The worm is turning.

Buy LocalConsumers are becoming more aware that when dollars are spent over at "Big Box" the majority of those bucks...head straight out of town.  Is that really what we want?  More..."mega" and less small business? 

We don't think so and growing numbers of holiday shoppers are re-thinking their retail...responsibility.  Imagine if you, today, decided to shift just 20% of your holiday shopping away from "Big Box" and toward Main Street.  Imagine knowing that doing more for local economic development than those who throw money at corporations who, in the end sell lumber to board up windows.

Twenty-Percent...  You've got a couple of weeks of local shopping left this season...make it count.

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