Sunday Morning Coffee - January 8, 2012
Grinnell State Bank & David Jones

Long Distance Directions

Last year we started a major project for a client who is based 900 milesVideo Crew away.  Following many conference calls, trading all sorts of notes and moving forward with the project we decided we had "nailed" the story line in our video.  Six states, dozens of interviews and twelve hours of film.  Nailed it!

But, we didn't..."exactly".

That was the word last week as we engaged in another conference call.  "Yes, you hit on all the segments that we asked for however, the subjects you filmed didn't hit the ball out of the park". 

I should tell you that all of the subjects we filmed were not paid and they were clearly not professional actors.  They were...real.  However it seems we didn't get them to say exactly what our client wished.  We can take that but we felt we needed more "direction". 

Mind you we had invited them to each of our out-of-state and in-state shoots but they couldn't make it.  This time they were more open to the idea of coming out and going to a couple of additional filming adventures.  We're grateful.

The moral of this story is that no matter what you think the customer wants and no matter how many times you go over the details and the benefits and the methods...the end product may not meet the exact specifications of the consumer.  Long distance "direction" simply isn't the best way to get the job done.  What are your thoughts?




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