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So, What Is Twitter?

Early this morning I read a short post by Chris Crum for WebProNews. The subject:  "Twitter is more"  It is, and it it isn't and that's what makes many business professionals crazy.  "What is the value in telling somebody I had a cup of coffee?"  Here you go:

Business is life and life is social.  No doubt, sometime today, you'll have this conversation with a peer, boss or even a consumer: "What did you do this weekend?"  So, what is the ROI in that question?  It is the conversation, being human, showing interest.  It's life.  Before your next "power meeting" I'll bet some of the conversation seems pointless fails to laser into the reason for the meeting.  It's what we do...

So, what is Twitter?

  • Social Connection - Learning interesting snips about people you follow;
  • Real Time News - If you use Twitter Search you'll be able to track experts to consumers on any number of topics important to you;
  • Expand Your Voice - In less that 140 characters you can point people/consumers to your expanded voice in blogs or video;

What's going on, what people are talking about...what they care about.  It's here and...still free.  If you would like to read the article from Chris, here you go!




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