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Sunday Morning Coffee - January 29, 2012

We'll get back to business tomorrow...but, for Sunday it's Sunday Morning Coffee a news/opinion rant I've done for several years.  As always, the thoughts and opinion expressed are my own.  If you wish to comment here, feel free or follow me on my personal Twitter account: @MichaelLibbie.  In the coffee today:

  • Matt Schultz - Zombie Voters Invade Iowa;
  • Jew Watch - If they go to the Pork Congress...they are everywhere;
  • Food - Just what the Hell is in it?;
  • Doves - Get the lead out?;
  • Urbandale HyVee - A quick update;
  • Rick Santorum - Suspends Sunday Events;
  • Chris Hagenow - Ain't got no newsletter...yet.

Those stories and a bit about a "G-Spot" are all in this week's Sunday Morning Coffee.  Enjoy..but as always the coffee is...HOT!