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Trade Show Tips - Make Them Work

Trade Shows, if done correctly, can bring real, measurable success to yourTrade Show crop investment.  But, like anything else you've got to focus on the event and go with a plan and a booth that works.  Let's review several critical areas that can make a difference in your ROI.

  • Know The Show - Is your target market attending?  Is the show...stale?  Would another show be offer more for the exhibitor and the guest?  Bottom line is:  Just because you've "always gone" to this show doesn't mean it should stay in your plan. 
  • Attractive Eye Appeal - Clutter does not work.  Old does not work.  Clutter does not allow the visitor to know your focus.  Old means...old.  If your booth is over five years old...change it.  It's served it's purpose...move on.
  • What's The Plan? - Somebody on your team must be responsible for not only the booth but also the plan.  Just heading to a show, setting up a booth and hoping folks will stop spells disaster.  What is your focus?  What new, different, exciting stuff can you share with visitors and then there is this:
  • Follow Up - You've spent money on the booth, travel and lodging, salaries, media...time.  Now, you must follow up with the folks that came to visit with you.  Stats tell us that over 76% of leads never get followed up on...let alone go into a system.  If you fail to follow up...stay home.
  • Engagement - Don't "sit there".  In the trade show booths I supervise there is not a chair in the booth.  They do not belong.  There are exhibitor lounges where you can go and make calls, rest your feet, eat.  Your job is to stay focused on the visitors.  Engage them.  Ask open ended questions and offer positive statements about the reason you are spending time and money at the show. 
  • Comfort For The Visitor - If you are asking people to fill out forms, contact information, contest entries...make sure they don't have to bend over.  Have a tall top table in the booth.  This also allows for conversation to continue.  You won't be talking to the back of some body's head as they bend over to write.
  • Do Something Different - Have a contest, use video, comedy, photos and fun.  The idea is to GET NOTICED.  Enjoy and get the attention of the visitor.

And, then there is this.  A quick video I did at a recent home show here in Des Moines...pretty much sums it up huh?





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