Sunday Morning Coffee - Happy New Year
What Makes It "Click"?

Welcome 2012 & Social Media ROI

What can measuring the number of social media mentions a company, product or (in the case) politician tell us about the success, failure or news buzz?  Plenty and that's why our friends at The Washington Post formulated Mention Machine an app that tracks social media "chatter" and then ranks pending winners/losers.  It, January 3rd.


This isn't just for folks who are "political junkies"...  It is for folks who seem to think there is no value in using social media tools for products and services.  The neat thing is you can also very easily "track" your business social media buzz by using any number of tools. I'm hooked on this stuff and as a business person you should really, really make 2012 your year for social media success.  If you want to leave a comment here, feel free or we can connect on Twitter @MichaelLibbie (personal) or @InsightADV (all business) and our advertising agency Facebook Page is