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Are Flowers Enough?

Consumer studies for Valentine's Day are always fun and this recent bit of information coming from Alibaba sheds some light on what a growingWoman Valentine flowers number of people are shopping for...on-line. 

Sex Toys...  No kidding.  According to the data presented by Alibaba consumer interest in sex toys has increased by 194% from 2010 to 2011.  US on-line searches have increased by 26%'s not just "toys".  Consumers are also on the hunt for lingerie and "romantic-evening wear".  The same study tells us those searches have increased by 36% between Q-3 2011 to Q-4 2011.  Maybe it was the holiday...rush?

There is a serious reason I'm sharing this with you.  Here is your take-a-way: Watching consumer trends is not that difficult and, if you are in business, you should make it a point to try to follow as many trends in your "silo" as possible.  In addition, looking at what is going on in other industries can also help you make wise forecasts when it comes to buying what consumers want or think they want.




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