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Marketing Trend - Selling the USA

While we've been through this before, in small doses, there is a trend inMade in USA box promoting the sale of manufactured goods which is catching on with an increasing number of brands touting their product is "Made in the USA".  We think it's worth noting and it is a direct result of manufacturers looking for any tool in the tool-box to combat economics.

It Plays to the Emotions & Why

We find it interesting that as politicians criss-cross our nation telling voters "the sky is falling" and our nation is "doomed" that is it advertisers who have lifted up the banner of hope in the future.  It's intriguing that while AM/FM "talk radio", in every market, continues to hammer consumers with negative comments about leadership that manufacturers are sharing a completely different message...sometimes conflicting with what the radio host just said.

Here's just a sample:

  • General Electric - They just spent millions promoting the fact GE builds refrigerators and turbines in the USA;
  • Tropicana - They once imported orange juice from Brazil...not any longer and you'll see "Old Glory" on the side of their containers with an extra boast;
  • Chrysler - The two minute Clint Eastwood piece during the Super Bowl caught lots of attention;
  • Hyundai - Featured hundreds of workers in a recent ad touting the Alabama plant and Made in America...
  • Menards - Just finished a month-long promotion of "Made in the USA" products that included television and print.

WSI SportswearJust a sample.  But, what about "small business"?

While in Kansas City the other day I ran into Priscilla Magana who works for apparel manufacturer WSI Sportswear based in Minnesota.  Companies that sell clothing manufactured in the US are rare.  Priscilla shared with me that WSI "...could have made the decision to have their products made in Asia but the owner stood firm in his support of hiring local workers even though he could have made a bundle by off-shoring."  Impressive.

The bottom line for your business is hit on some of the emotion this trend delivers.  Use the message to stand out.  Build creative emotional advertising that speaks to the connection between your product and a growing number of consumers that see this as important. 

Remember, anything you can do to help build your brand image to the good work.




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