Farmers Speak Out...
The Day...After

Have Some Coffee Already...

Forget "The Game" tune into Sunday Morning Coffee a delightful look at news, politics, gossip and sex.  I know, you've got stuff to do so here's a hint at what you'll read/see:

  • Where's Newt? - Nevada Crushes Newt...It's Over;
  • Zombie Voters - They are REAL and we've got PROOF that Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz needs to see;
  • Seeing Pink?- The Koman/Planned Parenthood Flap;
  • Ed Weintrob - Founder of the Brooklyn Paper in for an evening;
  • GroWARRENow - I get invited to hang out with the GOP...and Jay Byers;
  • Iowa Winter Death Storm 2012 - An Update;
  • Kent Sorenson & Pat Ward- A sighting near Indianola;
  • Still No Newsletter - Help offered by Desmund Adams...but, nothing.

That and a bunch more.  We'll get back to business tomorrow...but for now, the Coffee is...HOT!  Sunday Morning Coffee is...right here.