You Spent $5 Million & Didn't...
Sunday Morning Coffee is....HOT!


Tuesday evening I was in a locally owned store in one of the Metro Shopping Malls.  The store has an interesting mixture of "stuff" and aGirl Gift Box place I frequent several times a year.  The conversation turned to consumers and advertising. (Imagine that...)  I asked the owner if she used any social media to attract customers and retain interest in her product selection, which changes often.  She said, "No, I really don't know much about it."  I said, "It's an amazing tool.  Would I be correct in assuming your prime demographic is female and age 45+?"  She said it was and I launched into my story regarding Facebook.  It is huge among that demographic...huge! 

I suggested that she look into how Facebook can work for her and gave her two solid examples of how she could not only drive traffic but also sell stuff:

  • Your inventory changes often, post a photo of the latest item to come in the door, let folks know you have it;
  • When you sell something to somebody share that experience, with their permission, on your Facebook Page;
  • (bonus suggestion).

I didn't get to share my thoughts on Pinterest because she looked at me and said, "I just don't have time to play around on Facebook.  It sounds like a good idea but, I'm not sure."  I told her to double-check me.  To call my friend Chrissy at Domestica and ask her how she uses Facebook to drive sales.  Will she?  I dunno but for every person like Chrissy there are twenty folks like my new friend who "...doesn't have the time".  That's too bad because they are missing  And, nope I was not trying to find a new client...just trying to help.



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