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Sunday Morning Coffee - Politics & Opinion

Taking a short break from business this morning as I take a look at theCoffee Cu ps crazy(er) world of politics in Iowa...and some from Indiana.  We'll get back to business tomorrow the meantime grab a cup of Sunday Morning's hot!  Stories for today:

  • Girl Scouts - "A bunch of Lesbians!"
  • Iowa Commercial Property Taxes - You ain't heard the last word.
  • Sen. Brad Zaun - Has extra time on his hands....
  • Desmund Adams - Iowa State Senate & Why
  • New Laws - So far 4 Bills have been signed,
  • Zeta Kappa Lambda - Did you...know?
  • Black & Gold Ball - Only here...nobody else covered it
  • Girl Scout Cookies - Told you I'd get back to that...

Once again, if you would like to see the full post here is Sunday Morning CoffeeThanks for coming by and have a wonderful...Sunday!