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You Spent $5 Million & Didn't...

The Day...After

Several thoughts about the Super Bowl Ads we saw this past Sunday.  What we thought were the winners and the ads that need some...work.

Hands down the Halftime in America two-minute ad featuring Clint Eastwood was, in our opinion, the best.  Last year Chrysler blazed a new trail with Eminem and rather than re-do that...Chrysler came back with a message that can resonate for most Americans. If you were one of the five folks who missed it...here you go:


The ad cost Chrysler $14 million plus the actual buy of $3.5 million.  Eastwood ChryslerInteresting that it is not showing up on the official Chrysler YouTube page.  If you head there you'll see that it was removed "Due to an NFL Property Rights" message.  Odd.  Here is that story from Yahoo News. This morning in USA Today Chrysler ran this full-page ad...as back up.  This is what you call using traditional/new media to hammer home a point.  Nice...very!

What we found interesting is that BOTH political types latched onto the message.  My friends in the GOP were saying Eastwood would "lock up" the nomination and my friends in the Democratic Party said it was a score for President Obama.  And, yes, there were some who panned the ad and pointed out the money spent (wisely we think) on saving US automakers from the brink.  No politics...just a good move.

GoDaddy flunked with the same old tired stuff, Honda failed at being new and what in the world was the Mathew Broderick's look back at Ferris Bueller?  Were the 80's that great? 

In line, we think, the the demos was Fiat and Teleflora and you can never go wrong with chimps and dogs....although the bulldog/greyhound ad had us scratching our collective heads.

E-Trade was OK and Coke was...flat. Bud Light scored with another dog in "Here we go". 

What was your favorite?  And, if you want a quick review of them all, here is a link to my friends over at AdAge Medialand.





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