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Trade Show Marketing

I share these stories with you because many business spend thousands of dollars at trade shows and receive little in return.  That's no way to run a business.  When your trade show ROI stinks it leaves everybody with a bad feeling about the event.  Let's change by starting with the "look" of the booth.

This past week we were at Pheasant Fest, the biggest upland bird hunting event in the nation.  Our client is Country Vet Pet Foods based out of South Dakota.  Here is the video and then I'll share the top points as to what makes this display...great.


It might surprise you that the booth is five years old but, because we used a minimum of words and focused on the images, it doesn't get...old.  In addition Country Vet did not skimp on the booth or the design.  It's paid off over the years.  A couple of other "staging points":

  • Visitor Comfort - Notice ALL of the tables are counter-top height which allows visitors to the booth the opportunity to be eye level and not be forced to bend over to "sign up";
  • Booth Lighting - There was "enough" light in the building but the added booth lighting helped make the images pop and get noticed;
  • Clean - Lots of traffic but the staff made sure the booth was clean, all the time;
  • Staff - Everybody dressed in the same shirts, colors and they were engaged...critical elements;
  • Product Placement & Samples - You KNOW what they are doing;
  • Spokesperson - Company spokesperson Lyle Steinman is at the booth meeting consumers.

While it all "looks easy" it is astounding to us that more companies simply don't put in the work to insure a great trade show event.  Congratulations to Gary Kubicek and our friends at Country Vet!