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Websites and Small Business

This week I went to a seminar on web-development and social media sponsored by the Des Moines Radio Group.  I enjoy going to several ofWoman Social Media these a year...just to learn what others have to say regarding small business and the Internet.  The presenter was Radiate Media which had been Matchbin a media partner company based in Salt Lake City.

The basic pitch (and it was good!) was this:  "You can not afford to be without a website.  However a website that also does not have a social media component attached will not drive as much traffic."  True...and if you've followed this blog for the past several years you know that's our drum they are banging.

The program offers:

  • SEO
  • A custom website with shopping cart
  • Linkage into a business directory
  • Social Media
  • Mobile ready site

The cost of the program is what will generate some business.  At the top end the cost is $299 for the first month and then $199 per month...forever.  That's right...forever.  So, if you take advantage of this offer and stay with the program for five years your cost is $12,040.  That, according to our pricing, is a little steep.  And, you're right, if you stop paying your website goes...away.

For some small businesses it's a great budgeting idea.  But, in the end, the business will pay a bunch over time. 

We understand the attractiveness in this offer but...if you don't use the site and stay on top of the social media don't expect much.  Perhaps the best advice given was this:  "As with anything, you need to stay involved with your site."  They are correct...if you ignore your site it's like ignoring your inventory or those burned out lights in your sign.

Here is the link to the Des Moines Radio Group...hey, who says we're not willing to share.



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