The Day...After

You Spent $5 Million & Didn't...

I was...shocked.  When we were watching the Super Bowl (some wagMan Pants Down suggested that when you took out all the ads they only played 12 minutes) I thought it was odd that so many of the advertisers failed to promote the social media aspect of what they were selling.  But, I didn't realize how badly so many...failed.

Would it surprise you that:

  • Only 57% of the ads included a Website or Microsite link;
  • Only 16% included social media bumps like hashtags or Facebook links;
  • Only 11% included mobile app or QR Code references;
  • 32% failed to include ANY online reference.

OK, I get that including a QR Code in a TV ad is a little difficult but to not have any online reference point.  To fail to have any call to action...seriously?  That's "bush league" stuff and if I had paid $5 million for creative and another $1.5 million to buy the air-time I'd be ticked off.

Pretty sad when Best Buy beats everybody else huh?  If you want to read the entire news story here is the link to our friends at Read Write Web

Your take-a-way here is to make sure you include a way to carry on the's the 21st Century you know.




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