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I Don't Know It All...

We're gearing up to create a new website for a client and because weDwebware logo don't "know everything" we sat down with our friends at DWebware to ask some pointed questions and hammer out some logistical issues.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is to underscore the value of partners and vendors.  We've worked with Andy Priestly and DWebware for over a decade and while they are not cheap...they pay attention and they know what we don't.  So, we have honest, face to face discussions with folks we count on to help us create great things for our clients...old and new.

Because we don't "know it all" we have select vendors that we know and trust.  Folks that we can call and be assured the order is placed, it will be right and on time.  We value that.

So, do you value your vendor or is it a pain?  If you want, I'll share with you who we think rocks...




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Your Favorite Song...

Come on, we know you've got one or two "favorite songs" that roll aroundMPL Chubby DSM in your head.  You might even be able to sing along with the know every word. (One of mine is at the very peeking!)

Ever think of how that happened?  It could not have been your "favorite song" the first time you heard it.  It took time.  The local radio station played it over and over and over.  Perhaps every 30 - 45 minutes in rotation.  It's that repetition that made it stick with you.  Now, even years later you can "sing along"'s made that big of an impression.

So, tell me why advertisers move away from a core message with each broadcast schedule?  How come, on a local level, do they pass their creative on to the local radio or television station?  Or, if it takes repetition for something to become "top of mind" how come...they don't run a broadcast schedule for months...rather than a couple of weeks?

I dunno...thought maybe you might be able to help explain it to me.




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Sunday Morning Coffee

Each Sunday Morning I take a short break from business and offer up some news and opinion based on the past week.  Some stories you might have heard...and some you've missed.  Grab a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee right here and enjoy:

  • The Hoodie - Really?;
  • E.J. Giovannetti & Moderation - We hear this...often;
  • Desmund Adams & Susan Judkins - On Moderation;
  • The Bible - And Politics;
  • The Telephone - A relic?:
  • "El Rushbo" - A Carbonite Update;
  • Toys - The Etch-A-Sketch and Politics;
  • Keep Calm & Carry On - We like this video...a bunch;
  • Legislative Parties - What does access cost?;
  • Partly Personal- Mom & Underwear

Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful Sunday!



Confusing the Consumer

We see it all the time.  A company rolls out a new package design, newMan Confused Shopper logo, completely different marketing message.  All of that is fine IF you've got deep pockets and you've identified a missing brand message.  However, if you are like most small to mid-size companies and you have not invested the time and talent to discover your market niche you might be tempted to "try" different messages to see "what sticks".  Big mistake.  Here is what happens when your advertising message isn't clear:


So, what do you do to make sure you're on right track?  Invest in some market research, learn (in advance) what consumers are wanting/needing and then craft a simple, straight-forward message that isn't confusing but hits the mark.  Then...repeat...often.




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I'm Starting a Mommy Blog!

Earlier I wrote about effective advertising and the role creative plays in making your  This is an addition to that post.Mom Thanksgiving 2011 

I've decided I'm going to start a "Mommy Blog"!  You might not realize it, but, some of the most successful marketing blogs are written by Moms talking about being Moms.  In their blogs they often review products and/or services and then pass those recommendations on to other Moms.  Folks like peer to peer recommendations so they buy more stuff.  The advertisers are happy,the Moms are happy and the Mommy Blogger makes some cash.


"But wait, Michael.  You are not a 'Mommy'!"  So?  What's your point?  Doesn't matter.  I'm an advertising professional who has spent decades refining the craft.  But, as a business owner/employee you think you can design effective, creative advertising that builds sales, profit and loyalty.  After all you've watched thousands of television ads.  Seen millions of print ads...  You KNOW your product/service.  Hey, I know...Mommys!  I'm even MARRIED to one. (Photo:  Some of the Mommys in my life...)

Now, I just need a name for the blog.  I better go ask a...Mommy.




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But, will

For years we've watched companies fail in their advertising program Woman anxious vintagebecause they cut creative corners in their print, radio, television or electronic advertising programs.  So many medium to small businesses "think" they are going to save money and do the creative "themselves" or let the local radio, TV or print media do the creative for..."free."

Usually what they get is the same ol' thing somebody else had from a person who is not invested in the outcome...just the sale.  I know, I spent decades writing television and radio ads as a station employee/talent.

Today, when a business or marketing department says to me:  "Michael, that's a nice idea, but, it's too expensive."  I respond with, "Not if"  

So, is there a link between great creative and effectiveness?  Yes (I love it when I'm right.) here is a piece from IPA, Gunn Report and Thinkbox that reviews 175 campaigns and rates their effectiveness in driving sales, profit and loyalty..

Bottom line, they found award winning ads that were loaded with creativity eleven times more effective...than 'ho-hum' ads.  Uhm, that's eleven times.  You know as in 11 x...

Let's break that down.  Your company spends $3,000 on print, radio or TV but to "save money" you decide to "do it yourself" or have them "do it for free".  You run the schedule and decide, "That was a mistake it didn't work!"  I get want it to be effective.   So, If you spend $3,000 on the schedule and $3,000 on the creative and it's 11 times more effective at driving sales, profit and loyalty...  It's better deal...  Right?

 We thought so....




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Sales or Service

We see it everyday.  A great company makes a great product or delivers aMan Selling Elixer valuable service but they miss the mark on connecting with their prime demographic.  Why?  They spend their time listening to the advertising sales pitch from somebody who is more concerned with getting an order than connecting buyers and sellers.

Sorry, but it's true.

Not long ago we received a note from a client who was suddenly interested in spending their entire trade show budget on one event.  They had listened to "the pitch" and the event sounded too good to...miss.  But, it isn't, wasn't.  It's not their fault.  They were only acting on the recommendation of well trained sales professional.  Our firm did the background check on the event (because we know how and who) and offered up our recommendation that they should pass on this but perhaps take a look at another event that was more in line with their prime demographic.

Taking care of the client vs. taking care of the sale is critical. That's the difference between selling and service.




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Sunday Morning Coffee

Take a break and have some coffee...Sunday Morning Style.  We'll get back to the world of business tomorrow but, today, Sunday Morning Coffee has:

  • Rush & Women & Clear Channel - Honestly, you agree?
  • Mental Health in Iowa - Some shocking numbers
  • Susan Judkins- She's in for the Iowa House against Chris Hagenow
  • Crafts and the "G-Spot" - Video later in the day
  • Anger - Where is it coming from?  Two thoughts
  • Got Rye- Great story by Kyle Munson in the Register

That's it...oh and welcome to Daylight Savings Time.  I hear that hour will be waiting for us in November.  Have a great Sunday.  Here is your link to The Coffee.


Creative Thinking & Selling

I love it when we get to look at an issue, break it down into the realChild Magnifying Glass problem and then the real fix.  That's what happened early this morning during a client meeting.  The client said not enough sales were happening on-line and/or at special events where the products were showcased. 

I listened to about fifteen minutes of the discussion they were having regarding:

  • Branding - "Is it the right message in the brand";
  • Ads/Message - "Is our advertising/marketing plan on point";
  • Consumers - "Maybe nobody is buying because it's new";
  • Budget - "We really don't have more money to pour into advertising."

When they had exhausted each topic they looked in my direction and I said, "You've never asked consumers"

You could hear a pin drop and the three very bright people looked at each other and realized the "new guy" was right.  They've got all the cool social media thingys, they have a great product and they have the drive.  But...they have never "asked for the sale".  They just put it on the shelf and figured it would, because it's so great, "Sell itself".

Your take-a-way is this.  No matter how great your new product or service is, no matter how much marketing and advertising you do...unless you "ask for the sale" it's not going to happen.




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Chickens & Advertising

A quick blooper reel from a recent "Chicken Shoot".  Our client, Country Vet Pet Foods based in South Dakota is launching two new poultry products this spring intended to reach consumers who raise chickens in urban areas.  We created the packaging and then asked if they would like a QR Code placed on each bag so consumers could access further information regarding the use of the products. 

They said OK...but we were on a tight timeline.  We contacted four folks within the city of Des Moines but because of rain or our time needs nobody came through.  That's when we turned to Social Media to help find somebody.  Our friend Renatta Bolan from Bindery One suggested her parents acreage about 30 minutes south of the city.  So, I packed up the vehicle, short script, camera...and...  Well, this is the blooper reel.  About halfway through notice the...smoke?


Never a dull moment in our business.




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