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For years we've watched companies fail in their advertising program Woman anxious vintagebecause they cut creative corners in their print, radio, television or electronic advertising programs.  So many medium to small businesses "think" they are going to save money and do the creative "themselves" or let the local radio, TV or print media do the creative for..."free."

Usually what they get is the same ol' thing somebody else had from a person who is not invested in the outcome...just the sale.  I know, I spent decades writing television and radio ads as a station employee/talent.

Today, when a business or marketing department says to me:  "Michael, that's a nice idea, but, it's too expensive."  I respond with, "Not if"  

So, is there a link between great creative and effectiveness?  Yes (I love it when I'm right.) here is a piece from IPA, Gunn Report and Thinkbox that reviews 175 campaigns and rates their effectiveness in driving sales, profit and loyalty..

Bottom line, they found award winning ads that were loaded with creativity eleven times more effective...than 'ho-hum' ads.  Uhm, that's eleven times.  You know as in 11 x...

Let's break that down.  Your company spends $3,000 on print, radio or TV but to "save money" you decide to "do it yourself" or have them "do it for free".  You run the schedule and decide, "That was a mistake it didn't work!"  I get want it to be effective.   So, If you spend $3,000 on the schedule and $3,000 on the creative and it's 11 times more effective at driving sales, profit and loyalty...  It's better deal...  Right?

 We thought so....




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