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A quick blooper reel from a recent "Chicken Shoot".  Our client, Country Vet Pet Foods based in South Dakota is launching two new poultry products this spring intended to reach consumers who raise chickens in urban areas.  We created the packaging and then asked if they would like a QR Code placed on each bag so consumers could access further information regarding the use of the products. 

They said OK...but we were on a tight timeline.  We contacted four folks within the city of Des Moines but because of rain or our time needs nobody came through.  That's when we turned to Social Media to help find somebody.  Our friend Renatta Bolan from Bindery One suggested her parents acreage about 30 minutes south of the city.  So, I packed up the vehicle, short script, camera...and...  Well, this is the blooper reel.  About halfway through notice the...smoke?


Never a dull moment in our business.




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