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Sunday Morning Coffee

Creative Thinking & Selling

I love it when we get to look at an issue, break it down into the realChild Magnifying Glass problem and then the real fix.  That's what happened early this morning during a client meeting.  The client said not enough sales were happening on-line and/or at special events where the products were showcased. 

I listened to about fifteen minutes of the discussion they were having regarding:

  • Branding - "Is it the right message in the brand";
  • Ads/Message - "Is our advertising/marketing plan on point";
  • Consumers - "Maybe nobody is buying because it's new";
  • Budget - "We really don't have more money to pour into advertising."

When they had exhausted each topic they looked in my direction and I said, "You've never asked consumers"

You could hear a pin drop and the three very bright people looked at each other and realized the "new guy" was right.  They've got all the cool social media thingys, they have a great product and they have the drive.  But...they have never "asked for the sale".  They just put it on the shelf and figured it would, because it's so great, "Sell itself".

Your take-a-way is this.  No matter how great your new product or service is, no matter how much marketing and advertising you do...unless you "ask for the sale" it's not going to happen.




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