Your Favorite Song...
April Fools Edition

I Don't Know It All...

We're gearing up to create a new website for a client and because weDwebware logo don't "know everything" we sat down with our friends at DWebware to ask some pointed questions and hammer out some logistical issues.

The reason I'm sharing this with you is to underscore the value of partners and vendors.  We've worked with Andy Priestly and DWebware for over a decade and while they are not cheap...they pay attention and they know what we don't.  So, we have honest, face to face discussions with folks we count on to help us create great things for our clients...old and new.

Because we don't "know it all" we have select vendors that we know and trust.  Folks that we can call and be assured the order is placed, it will be right and on time.  We value that.

So, do you value your vendor or is it a pain?  If you want, I'll share with you who we think rocks...




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