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Confusing the Consumer

I'm Starting a Mommy Blog!

Earlier I wrote about effective advertising and the role creative plays in making your message...work.  This is an addition to that post.Mom Thanksgiving 2011 

I've decided I'm going to start a "Mommy Blog"!  You might not realize it, but, some of the most successful marketing blogs are written by Moms talking about being Moms.  In their blogs they often review products and/or services and then pass those recommendations on to other Moms.  Folks like peer to peer recommendations so they buy more stuff.  The advertisers are happy,the Moms are happy and the Mommy Blogger makes some cash.


"But wait, Michael.  You are not a 'Mommy'!"  So?  What's your point?  Doesn't matter.  I'm an advertising professional who has spent decades refining the craft.  But, as a business owner/employee you think you can design effective, creative advertising that builds sales, profit and loyalty.  After all you've watched thousands of television ads.  Seen millions of print ads...  You KNOW your product/service.  Hey, I know...Mommys!  I'm even MARRIED to one. (Photo:  Some of the Mommys in my life...)

Now, I just need a name for the blog.  I better go ask a...Mommy.




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