Sunday Morning Coffee
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Sales or Service

We see it everyday.  A great company makes a great product or delivers aMan Selling Elixer valuable service but they miss the mark on connecting with their prime demographic.  Why?  They spend their time listening to the advertising sales pitch from somebody who is more concerned with getting an order than connecting buyers and sellers.

Sorry, but it's true.

Not long ago we received a note from a client who was suddenly interested in spending their entire trade show budget on one event.  They had listened to "the pitch" and the event sounded too good to...miss.  But, it isn't, wasn't.  It's not their fault.  They were only acting on the recommendation of well trained sales professional.  Our firm did the background check on the event (because we know how and who) and offered up our recommendation that they should pass on this but perhaps take a look at another event that was more in line with their prime demographic.

Taking care of the client vs. taking care of the sale is critical. That's the difference between selling and service.




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