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Sunday Morning Coffee

Each Sunday Morning I take a short break from business and offer up some news and opinion based on the past week.  Some stories you might have heard...and some you've missed.  Grab a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee right here and enjoy:

  • The Hoodie - Really?;
  • E.J. Giovannetti & Moderation - We hear this...often;
  • Desmund Adams & Susan Judkins - On Moderation;
  • The Bible - And Politics;
  • The Telephone - A relic?:
  • "El Rushbo" - A Carbonite Update;
  • Toys - The Etch-A-Sketch and Politics;
  • Keep Calm & Carry On - We like this video...a bunch;
  • Legislative Parties - What does access cost?;
  • Partly Personal- Mom & Underwear

Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful Sunday!