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Take a Break...Have Some Coffee

Each Sunday Morning I get to take a break from the world of business andCoffee Cu ps enter the "interesting" world of politics, sex, know all the stuff that gets your blood pressure to an acceptable level.  This week Sunday Morning Coffee features a bunch of news you may...or may not... have seen/heard.  Leading off:

  • Sluts & "El Rushbo" - Some tips for action;
  • Going "Auto" - The Iowa Department of Transportation;
  • Original Thoughts - Got one or two?
  • Matt Schultz- Zombie Voters return and an interesting link to Rep. Linda Upmeyer (R-Garner);
  • Getting Funky - Tower of Power since 1968 at Hoyt Sherman;
  • Desmund Adams - A new video just for you;
  • Partly Personal - We expose the "Purple People Eater"!

Have a Superior Sunday.  We'll get back to business tomorrow!  Here is your link to Sunday Morning CoffeeThanks for reading/watching. - Michael