Sunday Morning Coffee
I Don't Know It All...

Your Favorite Song...

Come on, we know you've got one or two "favorite songs" that roll aroundMPL Chubby DSM in your head.  You might even be able to sing along with the know every word. (One of mine is at the very peeking!)

Ever think of how that happened?  It could not have been your "favorite song" the first time you heard it.  It took time.  The local radio station played it over and over and over.  Perhaps every 30 - 45 minutes in rotation.  It's that repetition that made it stick with you.  Now, even years later you can "sing along"'s made that big of an impression.

So, tell me why advertisers move away from a core message with each broadcast schedule?  How come, on a local level, do they pass their creative on to the local radio or television station?  Or, if it takes repetition for something to become "top of mind" how come...they don't run a broadcast schedule for months...rather than a couple of weeks?

I dunno...thought maybe you might be able to help explain it to me.




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