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This morning I had a conference call with an out-of-state client about aMen Handshake video project we completed.  Why am I sharing?  Because the call was a "value added conversation" on how to best use the video and collateral ideas to increase it's impact.

It's called adding value to the relationship.

There are lots of advertising agencies that will stand in line to service your advertising/marketing needs but, long ago, we figured out bringing value into the conversation tends to set us apart.

How can you bring value to your customers/clients?  Here's a short list.  If you think about it, I'll bet you can add more.

  • Share Consumer Data - Because we are a consumer sounding board we collect tons of ideas on how our clients can re-package, re-name, re-brand something the public wants more than the "original" article.  So, we sit down and share those ideas and what we've heard consumers say;
  • Complement Other Work - When another company in the same "silo" does something great we let our client know and then discuss why they went in that direction.  Maybe it's something our client can use;
  • Be Engaged - We tend to follow what our clients say about their product/service outside of our creative relationship.  We follow their blog posts, news notes and often e-mail conversation (with permission) to see if we can lend a solution;
  • Talk Tech - Not everybody has a solid handle on some of the technology available to your industry.  If you've got it, share it.  If you don't read up and experience how it can help your customer do better.

We're not just sharing advertising agency stuff here.  This list and your additions will work for just about any discipline.  Bring value to the relationship and make it a win, win for...everybody.




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Thanks for coming by... Michael