Sunday Morning Coffee - 04/22/12
The Business Side of Politics

So, What I Learned

This week Des Moines played host to the second 140 Character Conference or The State of Now - Iowa.  Last year I attended toMPL Jeff April 2012 present and then stuck around for a couple of hours. This year I decided to make a day of it.  From 8:30AM to the final act at 5:30 I mingled with people who work in various "silos" calling out to consumers, constituents, friends and customers using Twitter and a host of other social media tools.  So, what did I learn? (Photo: Jeff Pulver founder of the 140 Character Conference.  We're thinking.)

It's OK

It's OK to have a voice and to share your thoughts and objectives with 140 characters.  What YOU have to say may seem "silly" or "stupid" to somebody...but to another person it matters.  If you're not in the game, you'll never know.

It Connects

We've used Twitter for years and connected with some amazing people.  Some whom we've never met but continue our on-line relationship.  Recently we've held parties where we invite folks we've not met in person but communicate with on Twitter.  Fastinating.

It Educates

Yesterday I met four of the most passionate teachers on the planet.  Teachers who have opened up the minds of young people by engaging and encouraging them to use social media to break out of the 1950's and enter the world Example:  "What adult reads a book and then writes a report?  I asked my students to read a selected book and then blog about some aspect that touched them.  The results were original, thoughtful posts that touched thousands."

It Drives Business

Number one reason business rejects social media?  "I don't have time."  Really?  You don't have time to connect with your customers, to learn more about them and why they like (or sometimes dislike) your product or service?  So, you go about doing the same dumb-ass stuff you did a year ago and wonder why it's not working...  Social Media drives business and motivates consumers to become loyal friends.  Does your business have a "chief listener"?

It's Work

Often business thinks there is little value in social media because many times the raw cost to "do it"  So because it's "free" business sidelines the effort.  Or, they find out that "free" really isn't free because social media takes...effort.  It takes work to think.  It takes work to write.  It takes work to engage.  And, it takes some balls.  Don't let that hold you back.

Bottom line:  Social media, done right, with a plan, with purpose and an understanding of the basic "how to" can have a huge positive impact on your business and your interaction with other...humans.  Because real people, at real keyboards are creating real...content.

What did Jeff Pulver @JeffPulver and Deb Brown @DebWorks learn from the days activities?





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