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Sunday Morning Coffee - 04/22/12

Take a break and click here for some Sunday Morning Coffee.  We'll getCoffee Cu ps back to business tomorrow but for today how about some sex, lies and politics.  Not all in that order.  Also some partly personal items.  Here, again, is the link and here are some of the stories from this week:

  • Mitt Romney - Just WHO is this guy?
  • Kent Sorenson - Burning Bridges?;
  • Ted Nugent - The New Face of the GOP;
  • Mrs. Obama - Coming to...WINDSOR HEIGHTS?
  • Speaking of Windsor Heights - Nice job Marketa;
  • Branstad - Great work on cutting the middle class;
  • Workers - Imported from China and India?  Yep...
  • Jim Pollock - A loss for all of us;
  • Pets - I found a neat place...with pets too;
  • Partly Personal - Mom goes shopping...
  • Get Off Your Butt- 140 Character Conference, DSM

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