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Razor Sharp

Sunday Morning Coffee....

Each Sunday I get to take a break from business and offer up someCoffee Cu ps opinion on Sex, Politics, Religion and...Sex.  Did I mention that?  It's Sunday Morning Coffee and inside you'll find a bunch of stuff.  (Our thoughts and prayers to those folks who suffered through the severe weather this weekend....careful out there.)


  • Stupid Is As Stupid Does - And...why it matters;
  • Getting Fired - Be honest, you would have done the same thing;
  • Saying "Good-Bye"- Some talented people leave the DSM Register;
  • Jewish Synagogue for Sale? - Seems that way...
  • Chicken - Sure it's safe.  Take our word on that;
  • Fins Up - Kilts Down;
  • Going to Hell - You are you know...
  • SEX - Hot Political Book from Jenny Gardiner
  • Partly Personal - Passover Dishes & Cake

As always if you wish to leave a comment here you can.  Or let's visit on Twitter @MichaelLibbie or here is my personal Facebook Page.  Have a wonderful Sunday...we'll get back to business...tomorrow. Michael Libbie