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Each week I take a break from business to take a look at some storiesCoffee Cu ps you may have missed.  You know those sexy political events that just seem to pass us by.  I'll get back to the business of business tomorrow but for now, have a cup of Sunday Morning Coffee but, as always, be very's HOT!  You can see the entire post by clicking here.  Today:

  • Newt- What is taking so looooooong?;
  • Mrs. Obama in Windsor Heights - What the crowd said;
  • Old News - I guess I upset some people with a fair question;
  • iJAG - You know about this very cool program?;
  • Education - The costs keep going up;
  • Our Kids - What in the world is going on?;
  • Chris Hagenow - His worst nightmare;
  • Mom - Learning Patience and Value

Thanks for coming by...and have a great Sunday!