So, What I Learned
Take A Business Break

The Business Side of Politics

For those of you who follow my personal thoughts/writings you may knowMan Leadership that our firm signed on to work for an Iowa Legislative campaign.  We did this for two reasons:

  • The candidate is smart, thoughtful, inclusive and engaged in business across the United States.  In other words, a high quality client;
  • We're linking the marketing of a politician with that of marketing any product or service.  Can we use the same methods here that we might use for hard or soft goods?

We've learned several things since November 1 that we believe should be insightful for other politicians and business owners/managers/marketers.  These observations are not only about this particular race but about common issues business and politics face everyday and some ways to fix them.  Ready?

  • Being "Liked" - People will not respond to your product or service or in this case, campaign, unless they have a personal connection. Often business forgets this and they rely on a static advertising campaign.  In this era of brands being personal - brand connection is critical;
  • The Use of Video - The power of video, even low budget video, is not to be discounted.  There is a reason major companies/candidates use video to connect with consumers/voters.  It allows the viewer to determine the "likability factor";
  • Social Media Confusion- Campaigns and business, even some of the most advanced, often fail at providing a solid, strategic social media message.  Taking the time to sit down and formulate the who, what, where and why of your social media campaign is critical.  Yesterday, we learned that a national/state campaign has been using three (3) different hash-tags over the past three months...often poorly.  Do not confuse the consumer/voter/volunteer/employee;
  • Talking To Yourself - One of the prime reasons local television station sales departments like to use the business owner in the TV ad is because they know people the owner knows will walk up to him/her and say, "Hey, I saw your TV ad!"  The business owner then "thinks" his television advertising campaign is working...when in fact it may...suck.  Don't get caught in the glitz and mistake of talking to yourself.  Your goal should be to connect with....the "Great Them";
  • Share Goals/Objectives - If you have a good idea for a product/service or candidate...share it.  Have regular strategic meetings with not only key staff but also your consumer/constitute base.  Often the best ideas come from those whom you are trying to reach.  In other words...get the hell out of the office.

These are just the tip of the iceburg...I could, and will, offer some additional thoughts but...if you failed to read anything this:  Selling is a full time effort across all sorts of channels.  You MUST BE ON YOUR GAME...full time.




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