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The Power of Video for Business

Our agency does lots of print and digital advertising work for our clients.Video Production KC  However, the fastest growing segment of our business has been in high quality video production.  For years we've suggested to clients and non-clients the power high quality video production has on the ability for a product/service to connect with the consumer...even the B to B consumer.

When you consider the time and effort that goes into high quality video for television commercials, on-line video and in-store product piece you can begin to understand why some small and mid-level companies have been reluctant to invest in in this method to reach consumers.  However, according the the numbers making the switch pays off.  Why?  Consumers (including B to B) are watching.

Video singleVideo Statistics

  • December, 2011 - 182 million Americans watched an average of 23.2 hours of on-line video;
  • In 2012 57% of marketers will increase the use of video;
  • 24% of advertisers are shifting dollars away from print and into video production;
  • 65% of advertisers are shifting dollars away from broadcast television to on-line targeted video production;
  • In 2011 mobile viewing of video increased by 102%

Companies who are in tune with the trend began investing in high quality video production several years ago but, it is not too late for those of you who want to capture targeted market dominance.

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