Razor Sharp
Sunday Morning Coffee - 04/22/12

The State of Now - Iowa

If somebody, other than me, suggests you should attend the 140 Character Conference in Des Moines on Monday.  Take them up on it.State of Now Iowa 2012  You see, I'm not a good person to promote the event.  Why?  Because I know Twitter works and I help people figure out how to improve their ROI when they use Twitter correctly.

So, you see...I've got "skin in the game".  And, I figure 70% of those of you reading this think, "..it's a waste of time".


So, don't believe a professional like me...but take the word of dozens of others who will be on hand to share their experiences and best practices of using Twitter to gain visibility, market share and sell more...stuff. 

The 140 Character Conference is also called The State of Now - Iowa because that's what Twitter is about.  "What's going on...now?" 

The event takes place at the Des Moines Civic Center at 8:00am Monday (for good seats).  The cost is $70 for a ticket but if you want to save some $30, nearly half the price, (and DO NOT TELL THEM I TOLD YOU!) when you head to this site to buy your tickets use the promo-code Verizon.  Yep, they are one of the sponsors along with Internet Solver, Country Inn & Suites, Iowa Pork Producers and of course the Civic Center of Greater Des Moines.

Oh, did I mention Jeff Pulver will be here.  (Oops...don't believe me.  I'm sorry...see, you can't believe a word I say!)