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Five Great Retail Lessons

What makes for a great retail experience?  We're offering up what weWoman Shopper think are the top five things that create a "desire" on the part of the consumer.  The idea that they must  No fancy studies, just an honest assessment of what moves us to buy at our favorite retail businesses. 

Employee Interaction 

Within a 1.5 radius of our home there are three grocery stores.  We consistently pass by two of them and shop at the furthermost store.  Why?  We honestly like the people who work there.  Most are engaging individuals who see us all the time and say more than, "Did you find everything?"  (That is such a lame question and why "experts" suggest check-out people ask it is just...silly.)   Lesson Number One:  Hire friendly people.  You might have to pay them more...but it pays off.

Shopper Appeal

Some stores seem...tired.  I can't explain it to you but think it's a mixture of personnel, lighting and design.  Here is a test:  If you live in the Des Moines Metro head over to Valley West Mall.  Walk into Younkers and spend five minutes wandering.  Then, head all the way to the other end and wander through Von Maur.  The difference in shopper appeal is palatable. Music, staff, lighting, all works at Von Maur.  Lesson Number Two:  Avoid being a "tired store"Spruce up your shopper appeal by looking at your store as a consumer might.

Don't Shout

What the world needs now is...civility.  If you have anything to do with marketing or advertising in retail...stop shouting at me.  I'm not sure why nearly every local car dealer pitchman feels the need to be hyped up.  Why patio furniture needs to pitched as if it might be the last, best thing I'll do for humanity.  Use a little...class.  Let's have a conversation.  Lesson Number Three:  Don't shout, show some class.  We want to like you first.

Man Disco LoungeDon't Do It...

Please, for the sake of humanity, unless you are an accomplished actor who just happens to own a retail not appear in your own television ads.  I have friends who have done this and they look...silly and forced.  If, however, you want to be quirky go ahead.  But remember, your brand suffers.  Example: I would never do business with The Gold Guys...sorry but the lounge lizard look gives me the creeps.  Lesson Number Four:  Avoid the embarrassment and hire professionals for your television ads.

Bring Value

Not everybody shops price.  Bring value to the exchange by telling a story about the products you have in your store.  Bring value to the consumer by suggesting ideas rather than pitching a product.  If your stuff is expensive show value by how well it is made and how long it will last.  Bring value by being a resource rather than a store.  Lesson Number Five:  Add value to the transaction and people will share the story.  You end up selling...more.

You might have your own "Top Five" or you might have some additional ideas.  We'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment here or let's talk on Twitter @InsightADV or here is our advertising agency Facebook Page.  Thanks for visiting.