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I Have An Idea....

Just Stop It!

For the love of everything holy...and for the children...stop it.  StopStop Image selling 24/7 on Twitter.  You know who you are...

We check on who is following us on a daily basis.  And, we know this sounds like we're "Harvard Snobs" but we tend to check the time-line of each person.  If the three or four most recent Tweets has you selling a product, service or a coupon we...pass.  Well, most of the time.  Because the next thing we do is check out the Twitter Profile.  If the profile is as non-personal as the most recent set of Tweets...we seriously do pass.


Imagine you walk into a bar/gym (we're trying to be politically correct here) and your entire bit of communication goes like this:

"Hey, I just got 20% off at XYZ!"  "I have to tell you this coupon deal is sweet, click the link!" "Wait until you see my shoes that I paid next to nothing for.  I just used this coupon!"  "You want to save big money?  Follow me right out of this door!"  "Sign up for my e-mail update!"

Yawn...and no thanks.

Deliver a little personality along the way.  You'll be surprised at how quickly we notice.  One more tiny little thing.  Consider some original content...seriously just re-tweeting other people's stuff does not let us know who you are.




If you would like to leave a comment here, feel free.  Or if you want to connect via Twitter it's @InsightADV or on Facebook here is our advertising agency page.  Have a great day!