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The "Mom Test"

Media Death...Really?

You know we're big fans of New Media...some call it Social Media...andBusiness Tug of War what it can do for your business.  However, from the very start (now nearly a decade ago) we have cautioned clients, and anybody who would listen, that to put all your eggs into the new media basket is a huge mistake.  But it's a tug of war to understand your options.

While others may trumpet about the death of "traditional media" we believe that a healthy mix of a winner.  But what trumps the healthy mix is having the knowledge as to where your customers are.  What are they looking at?  Where are they, geographically?  Who influences them?  What influences them? How can you best connect and with what medium?

Oh...and what's your budget?

We listen to media pitches...daily.  Every media salesperson has the magic bullet.  Unless you, as a business owner, asks the right questions you might be buying...everything.  Or, nothing at all.

The quick tip for you is to know your consumer.  Know what moves them and where they put their eyes and ears.  Then mix that knowledge with a solid budget plan to put your stuff in front of them.  While it sounds easy it takes work, a complete understanding of the market and the media that's being offered.  Do these things




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