I Have An Idea....
What Is Central Iowa Bloggers?

Take A Break...

Each week we step away from the world of business (for one day only) and brew up Sunday Morning Coffee.  It's filled with politics, opinion, sex...well maybe not so much sex...and gossip.  It's just a fun way for me to share.  You can read Sunday Morning Coffee when you click this link.  Inside you'll read about:

  • CNN - I have to do their work...too;
  • Gas Prices- It's all Obama's fault;
  • Iowa GOP- Spanks the ass of the Iowa Dems;
  • Iowa - Just like Arizona...or Wisconsin;
  • Ron Paul - Goes to Tampa, the Iowa connection;
  • Sex - Sleeping with the president & getting paid;
  • Obama - Proof he's really an Arab;
  • Steve King - Want a job in agriculture?  Step up!;
  • Multi-Cultural - Family photo of the week.

Thanks for coming by.  We'll get back to business tomorrow.