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Who Are Your "Brand Warriors"?

What Is Central Iowa Bloggers?

Blogging, social media, Twitter, business, ideas.  That pretty much sums up with goes on at a Central Iowa Blogger meeting (#CIB if you use Twitter to follow the conversation).  Ten to fifteen folks gather on the first Friday of each month at Panera Bread on University in WDM.  But, rather than write about what goes on...here are some folks sharing what we do.  It's shocking!


You don't have to be a social media super-star.  You just need to enjoy learning about new ideas and mixing it up with some pretty smart people.  Hope to see you the morning of June 1st...say 7:30ish?




If you want to connect feel free to leave a comment here.  Or let's chat on Twitter @InsightADV (business) or @MichaelLibbie (personal) and here is our advertising agency Facebook Page.  Have a superior Monday!