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Insight on Business - Friday Roundup

Who Are Your "Brand Warriors"?

Let's look at what a "Brand Warrior" is:  It's not you or your employee butWarrior Knight it is your business friend.  Perhaps your best business friend.  It's the consumer who "talks you up" telling others and sharing with them how superior your product/service is...for them.  They, through their efforts, influence others to buy stuff from you.

In the "old days" we would call this "word of mouth marketing".  One person would tell another.  However, now with the many forms of media available to us, it has become known as "world of mouth".  One person, with just a few key strokes, can share with thousands of friends/followers their support of your brand.

Smart businesses learn, quickly, who their Brand Warriors are and they cultivate them.  That means "doing a little extra" to make sure your favorite customers are noticed and taken care of.  It's being responsive to them and knowing them and acknowledging them.  They, in turn, will share their experiences with people they influence and before long you are selling more...stuff. 

Taking care of your Brand Warriors is the best money you never...spent.

So, who are your Brand Warriors?  Do you know?  How do you engage them?  Do you continue to encourage, notice and respond?



Some of the brands I like.  The list is made up of large and tiny companies.  Size does not...matter.   Maybe you'll notice one or two.

Cafe Di Scala - @CafeDiScala - They get it and respond

Gusto Pizza - @GustoPizzaDM - Same owners and it shows

Von Maur - @Von_Maur - They engage their shoppers

Mediacom - @MediacomSupport - The "back-channel" to service

Enterprise Rental - @EnterpriseCares - They listen and engage

Southwest Airlines - @SouthwestAir - Fun, friendly and responsive

Domestica - @ShopDomestica - Chrissy is amazing

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