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Connected Consumers - You Paying Attention?

This is just half of the crowd that was on hand yesterday during the Brian Solis Crowd Solis presentation at the Science Center of Des Moines.  They came on the invitation of my friend Ben Smith of Social IRL.


To listen to Brian and several other local social media types discuss reaching consumers with your message and, more importantly, how they interact with you or...your brand.  

Solis BrianDid I learn much?  Some.  Much of what I heard I also speak about on the circuit so it was, many times, a confirmation of what we already know and suggest to our clients.  

What I did find amazing was Brian's discussion on the three types of consumers:

  • Traditional - Those consumers who connect with products and services by using "traditional media models".  You know, print, television, radio, fliers.  What you should remember about this group is that it continues to...shrink.  However, it is clearly not...dead.
  • Digital - Those consumers who get information from both traditional sources as well as digital modes.  They check out websites before the buy.  Do some Google searches on products and services.  Read blogs and ingest information before making a buying decision. However, according to Brian, this group also is shrinking and moving to:
  • Connected - This consumer not only seeks information online but
    also shares his/her thoughts, experiences and buys with others who Solis Connected Consumer are also connected through social media.  The "funnel" becomes "circular" with lots of interaction, pushes, thoughts, and questions. It becomes, almost, group think on products and services.

The Connected Consumer shares with others who are connected often without your knowledge (unless you too are...connected).  They will become your best and most loyal consumer or...your worst nightmare.  It all depends on your ability to connect, answer, be helpful and....stop selling.  The buy happens when the connected consumer feels as if you honestly care about the entire experience. Not just the sale.

Good stuff kids.  To connect with Brian you might want to head here... Your thoughts?




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