Connected Consumers - You Paying Attention?
Too Smart for Traditional Marketing?

Loyalty & Customer Service

Our posts are about advertising and marketing.  Ways in which business, Man Exclaim of any size, can seize an opportunity to expand their "awareness footprint" among consumers.  And while we focus on media we also love to see exceptional customer service.  Here's three stories that have a common link.

Clive Power Equipment (CPE) is just west of the Village of Windsor Heights and owned/managed by John and Chuck Agans.  When we purchased our home in "The Village" we needed...stuff.  Buying local is as important as buying quality and that's why we settled on Clive Power & Equipment.  Then, several weeks ago we got an added bonus...Honesty.

Our Toro lawn mower kept stalling out.  Less than two years old, and looking brand new, I hauled it to CPE and described the problem.  One of the guys said, "Before we check it in let's check that cable that came out of it's holder."  He popped it in, started the mower and new.  Clearly they could have checked it in, threw a wrench on it and charged me $100 but...they didn't.  We value that.

Professional Roofing & Aaron Helmrichs

Roof May 2012 Helmrich RoofingWe needed a new roof...badly.  I talked with other homeowners and had several estimates.  A guy by the name of Aaron Helmrichs had been working in the area and my neighbor suggested we allow him to bid the job.  He did and his estimate came in under several others but...included more work such as proper ventilation changes, a new sub-roof and extended ice dam protection.  They had the job done in two days, no mess and the owner was on site several times and came back after the work...twice just to check on the finished project.  On his third visit we wanted to pay him and he said, "I just want to make sure the job is perfect before you pay me."  What the hell?  You want his number...we'll share or check this from Angie's List.  

Iowa Computer Repair

Ed Snuffin and I could not be further apart when it comes to politics but we respect each other and when I had a major melt down of our billing system and that computer I turned to Ed.  Not only did he rush the job...he also took the time to re-train me on some functions I had missed.  This was the second time in three months we used Iowa Computer Repair for a business related task and we're sold.  Sure, it cost a little more than the "Big Box" but knowing I was supporting a local business and getting great service was worth the extra $50.

Three stories about locally owned business people doing good work. I think that speaks volumes for all of us and I'm glad to offer a little extra boost for them.  And a word about what I wrote last week about the "Connected Consumer" THIS my friends is exactly what my friend Brian Solis was talking about. My connection with you and these businesses and our adventure.

This week it's a plumbing and electrical adventure...I'll let you know.



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