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The Friday Wrap - June 15, 2012

No, it's NOT the "Fish Wrap" but The Friday Wrap where we look at some me business/marketing/advertising news you may have missed...or seen but without our comment.  Today in The Friday Wrap:

  • Got...Gas? - We figured our friends at Hy-Vee would have learned with "Drug Town" that it's all in
  • Political Attack Ads - Do we really hate them?
  • Cheap Advertising - It's available but it takes work.
  • Decision Making - Small should mean...quick but...
  • Guts - Do you have the guts to be/stay in business?
  • Smart Consumers - Are they "too smart"?
  • Baby Sale - Confusing the consumer
  • Worst Ad of the Week - And now you know...

Thanks for coming by and that link to these stories is right here.  Have a wonderful weekend!