Media Death...Really?
Connected Consumers - You Paying Attention?

The "Mom Test"

When I saw the headline I cringed...and I suspect you did too.  It's one thing when somebody gets fired over some goofy Facebook post or when an employee receives a reprimand for writing something stupid on Mom 4 June 2012 Twitter. But when it's the Superintendent of Schools for the largest district in Iowa and the e-mails are in clear violation of business policy...not to mention the sexy content. It makes us want to bang our collective head against the wall.

There isn't much of an excuse...for any of it but it is a stark reminder that even the smartest people can get sidetracked and muck up their life. And, in this case, very publicly.

I'm not throwing any darts at anybody here.  Frankly, I don't have a horse in this race.  However it is, yet another, reminder that everything you say or write using our new methods of communication can be there...forever. Like my 92 year-old mother said today, "You should never write or say anything that you would not say or write to your Mother."

I think that is very sound advice....




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