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The Friday Wrap - June 15, 2012

Too Smart for Traditional Marketing?

I missed this quote from Brian Solis when he presented at the Des Man Question Moines Event last week but my friend Justin Wise posted it to Twitter: “Traditional marketing no longer works. People are too smart…too elusive.”

I wish I had picked up on it during the event because I've got a question, "Oh really?".  It's not that I disagree with my friends Brian and Justin it's just that with 140 characters it's hard to get the complete story.  I think the rest of this should have been, "Among those consumers who are connected traditional marketing no longer works.  People are too smart...too elusive." Why?  Because the vast majority of consumers are not connected...that's right.

I know Twitter has 140 million "Worldwide Tweeps" who burn off 400 million Tweets per day. That would seem HUGE...and it is but it also leaves out a HUGE segment of the population that is not connected.  

We can engage in similar Facebook Facts.  While Facebook enjoys a market penetration of 49.9% in North America and 12.1% worldwide we've got to consider just how connected to products and services are these people vs. how connected are they to friends & family. (Data - Internet World Stats)

We've always said that if you are in business you need to be connected through social media. However, to suggest that "traditional marketing no longer works" is a stretch.  Our caution is to use both...well.

Connect with the connected consumer in every way you can and then entice those who are not connected by using traditional marketing methods...and perhaps get them to...connect.




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